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Long Trail To The Promised Land:  The Story of a Pioneer Family That Helped Build America

Michael Billingsly

A Detroit Tigers Hat:  From the Ballpark to the Battlefield

Jonathan Turnbull

Oh Come, Oh Come

Brennan Fredricks

Diminishing Horizons

Douglas C. Atkins

Walking Into The Wind

George Thorne

Pop Smoke:  The Memoir of a 1st Cavalry Division Grunt, Vietnam/Cambodia 1969-1970

Ralph Dagenhart

Joachim Murat:  A Portrait In Letters

Sarah Hammell

Kilroy Was Here

Brett Allen

Wombat: That One Story My Mom Wanted Me To Write - or - How Not To Lead A Convoy

Edwin Anderson

There I Was

Peter Donnelly

Off We Go

Peter Donnelly

Saddle Up

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